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Doggie Daycare Acknowledgement Form
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    Thank you for your interest in our Doggy Daycare Program! We believe the majority of dogs benefit from the social interaction daycare offers. Our goal is to provide a safe, stimulating and entertaining experience for each of our canine guests. Participates enjoy a variety of activities inside our facility. Your canine family member will spend their time with their pals burning off their excess energy in our spacious climate controlled Daycare.

    We use time-outs and breaks, if needed, as a way to maintain the calm and safety of the group to help teach dogs good pack manners. Our staff members are trained to read the dogs’ body language and to look for subtle and not so subtle signs that a situation could escalate. Time outs are generally brief and are used to curb "nuisance" behavior such as:

    • Excessive Barking

    • Mounting

    • Jumping

    • Failing to understand visual and verbal cues from other dogs

    Sometimes dogs are unable to regulate themselves and fun group play time can turn into a potentially dangerous situation. Breaks are meant to separate an over stimulated dog(s) from the group and may last for several minutes. If we see this happening we will provide the dog(s) with a break until their energy level comes down.

    All dogs are screened prior to admission into our program. Once we have received the necessary documents to include our Waiver and the General Information Form, along with shot records indicating that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations we will contact you to schedule your dog’s Meet & Greet. During this initial two hour visit, your dog is observed for behaviors that indicate he/she will be a positive addition to our program. Any dog demonstrating behaviors deemed inappropriate for off leash group play will not be accepted into our program. Each play group is carefully selected based on a dog’s size, play style and temperament. Staff members are watching for subtle signs in body language or behavior changes as dogs mature, and any dog who may demonstrate assertive or bullying tendencies. Keeping your dog and our staff safe is our number one priority. Measures will be taken to maintain safety for all dogs, alerting owners of early signs of problems and/or changes in normal behavior. Barks on the Boulevard, does not discriminate toward any breed, big or small, purebred or mixed, all dogs are welcome here! We promote the human/animal bond; encourage positive interaction, responsible pet ownership and a fun filled day of play for all well socialized dogs. To fulfill this goal and ensure the safety of all dogs, and our employees, we require all dogs to attend doggie daycare a minimum of once a month. A lapse in attendance greater than one month will require a re-evaluation. The dog that attends less than once a month, changes the dynamic of the group and can result in behaviors we deem inappropriate. For dogs attending on a regular basis, if we identify a behavior issue, it is the responsibly of the owner to seek professional training/behavior modification so attendance can continue.

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